Whether your tax needs are simple or complex, compliance or consulting, personal or business, our firm can help. We are experienced and knowledgeable of both the tax laws and interpretations of those laws, and we keep up-to-date through education about new developments.

Return Preparation

Our tax specialists assist hundreds of businesses (Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Proprietorship) and individuals in meeting their tax filing requirements each year. Clients that engage us know that we search for all allowable deductions and exemptions, and help you prepare for upcoming changes.

Our returns are computerized for both speed and accuracy, and our internal system of processing returns assures timeliness, efficiency and confidentiality.


Our Full Charge Bookkeeping Package is designed to complete your daily financial record-keeping tasks as well as your month-end closing tasks, followed by preparation of your monthly financial reports and analysis of your business. We want you to feel confident that your accounting system accurately reflects your current situation so you can concentrate on running your business instead of spending your time on books. The steps involved with basic bookkeeping can be overwhelming depending on the size of your business and the number of transactions. We will manage your business finances and keep you on the right track. Individual services also available.

Payroll Management

Payroll management can be quite a challenge for the new business owner. There are many federal and state laws regulating what you have to track related to payroll. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines–or worse. We take away the burden and ensure compliance and reliability. Payment management services include

  • Time card management
  • Preparation of employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages, taxes, and adjustments
  • Preparation of department summaries of month-to-date payroll data in addition to customized reports specific to Client
  • Preparations of timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits
  • Complete Year end W-2 forms
  • Respond to requests for employee verifications
  • Process and submit garnishment payments
  • Respond to employee payroll inquiries
  • Preparation and file new hire reporting to state
  • Preparation, file, and pay all Federal, State, and local payroll taxes
  • Reconcile health insurance payments and make payroll deductions when required
  • Preparation and follow through of payroll audits

Representation before Regulatory Bodies

Should the tax implications of your affairs come under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies, we are available to represent you or to accompany you to meetings with those organizations. We regularly represent clients during I.R.S. audits, including appeal procedures when appropriate. We will help you to understand and respond to I.R.S. letters, respond to audits from the I.R.S. or D.O.R., and apply any needed licenses.

Our Personal Tax Planning and Assistance services include:

  • Improving current tax positions
  • Building and preserving assets
  • Minimizing estate taxes
  • Interpreting changing and complex tax rules and regulations
  • Analyzing the tax benefits of investment opportunities in real-estate, oil and gas, and other risk capital ventures

Our Business Tax Planning and Assistance service includes:

  • Insuring the client knows the tax implications of its business decisions
  • The tax pros and cons of purchasing, selling, or merging
  • Establishment, reporting, and monitoring of Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Helping you keep your records in order to meet I.R.S. scrutiny
  • Advising on the tax effects of transfers of business ownership among family members
  • Designing compensation, fringe benefit, and retirement plans for a company
  • Planning for a change in a corporation’s accounting methods